When Sarah is not working on this show she is drawing or writing with headphones on, organizing hockey subs, or being her own boss at Light the Lamp Consulting where she is definitely not a jerk at work.  Although sometimes, her 5yr old thinks she is a jerk at home.



Years of observing people be jerks (inadvertent?) and sometimes having been a jerk herself (inadvertent?), drove Tara to want to make this podcast. A reformed jerk, Tara is the general manager of an animation studio, a tough question asker, and an avid changer of hair styles. Proudly queer, Tara also like to lift heavy things. (Those don’t necessarily go together...or do they?)

Sandy LOVES working on this podcast. When she's not working on the show or leading an HR team of five talented women at work, she is reading, boxing, or working on past Monday and Tuesday NY Times crossword puzzles.  Sandy is a five letter word for connector, tough talker, and facilitator. She is also a coach to her dog Odi (who, unfortunately, can most definitely be a jerk).